10 Health Benefits of Green Smoothies

I am sure all of us are know how healthy and helpful green smoothies are and yet our intake of it is not as much. Green smoothies are an exciting way to experience a regular intake of greens. If you skip greens in your meal then you should definitely opt for making green smoothies and drinking them regularly. In case you don’t drink green smoothies regularly here are a couple of reasons why you must drink them regularly and why exactly they are considered healthy.


1) The most important component of green smoothies is green vegetables. Lettuce, collard greens, spinach, kale etc once blended become a lot more nutritious in nature. The pulp and juice of these greens are released better and get readily absorbed into the bloodstream thus giving us full benefit of the greens.


2) Green smoothies also energise the body like crazy because of all the nutrient content. All that green just helps you stay fresh, full of energy and invigorated. So if you have extremely long days then green smoothies could keep energised the entire while.


3) Greens always help in digestion. Smoothening digestion is one of the main functions of green smoothies. The leafy vegetables and green fruits have high fibre content which smoothens the digestion process and keeps your stomach clean and healthy.


4) Green smoothies are filled with phytonutrients and thus that helps with your immune system. It strengthens the immunity of an individual and keeps them away from illness.


5) Dark leafy vegetables that are present in your smoothie also have high calcium and vitamin k content this ensures that the calcium reaches the bones in your body and not the tissues. Most often only calcium high food intake can result in only the tissues getting the calcium and not the bones.


6) Believe it or not green smoothies can also reduce cholesterol and keep your heart healthy and running for long. The vitamin A and C content is great for cardiac health and can also prevent strokes.


7) If you feel you have too many pimples or an acne problem and an oily skin that just makes matters worse for you. Green smoothies can offer a face glow up. It is filled with antioxidants and thus gives you a clear face and also keeps your skin hydrated.


  • Most often we avoid eating our veggies and thus not allowing enough chlorophyll in our body. Chlorophyll replenishes and rebuilds red blood cells in our body. It is important to include green veggies in our diet. If you are not taking it with your meals then nothing can better than to make a smoothie out of it and sip it down.


  • It automatically reduces your need for eating unhealthy junk. When you start drinking healthy you reduce the intake of overly sweet and fatty foods as well.


  • A healthy body also leads to an healthy mind and so if you start staying healthy by drinking green smoothies you will notice you are psychologically feeling better too.